Authentic connection and community is essential for our personal health and for our ability to enjoy life.

Everyday Groups are a perfect place to connect in community. In our groups we know and we’re known, we love and we’re loved, we serve and we’re served. We encourage you to join a group today.

Our groups all share the same common D.N.A

In Everyday small groups, every member feels valued & appreciated. This leads to an experience of the affection that Father God has for us.


Everyone has a voice, and everyone’s voice counts. Participation helps group members know their significance as each of us is heard.


We want everyone in our groups to be built up and strengthened in their Christian faith. Everyday Groups bring encouragement to each of us.

We currently have 3 types of groups


Microchurches are spiritual families made up of 10-40 people, led by apostolic fathers and mothers. Microchurches focus on encountering God, belonging in a family, growing in Christlikeness, and impacting those in around us in our circles of influence.


Journey Groups

Journey groups are made up of 3-10 people. They focus on connection and care as the members do life and ministry together. Because the focus is on developing close relationship, these groups are not open to new members except by invitation.

Passion Groups

Passion Groups are made up of 3-10 people, and welcome new members at anytime. Their focus is on an area of interest or passion that they hold in common which becomes the platform through which they connect and have fun, while also inviting others.

Join a Group

Check out our existing groups to find the right fit for you!

Start a Group

Start a brand new group to help people like you connect!

  • What kind of group would you like to start (microchurch, journey group, passion group)?
  • Who will you gather and what will you do?
  • When and where will you meet?
  • Contact our Everyday Groups team using the form below to share your idea and get help thinking through the practical details.
  • You’ll also get some coaching on how to gather and lead people.
  • Share your vision with people and invite them to join you.
  • Schedule a launch date and start meeting!